Supporting People with Disabilities Since 1990

NDRC's Bursary for Persons with Disabilities

What You'll Need to Complete the Application

Application Form

Applicant contact information

Educational information

2 Reference contacts

Financial need information

Proof of acceptance or enrollment

This can come in the form of an acceptance letter or your timesheet proving enrollment in a program for the autumn semester of 2024

Confirmation of disability

Confirmation of disability can be from a general health practitioner, a mental health professional or someone in a position to regularly witness disability such as a teacher or boss

Reflection of 300-500 words

This is a self-reflection. It is your opportunity to tell us a little about yourself: your struggle with your disability, your decision to go back to school, the program you’ve chosen, etc. This is not judged for spelling or grammatical mistakes; you don’t need to be an author; it is just to express yourself.