a cartoon pig and goose with disabilities and the words Parking Permit Program around it

Accessible Parking Permits Program

Accessible Parking Permits allow those with mobility disabilities to park in designated parking spaces. 

Program Administrator: Betty Penston

Getting a Parking Permit

Application forms for Parking Permits are available at NDRC, doctor’s offices and clinics. They are also available on this page.

Complete side A with your contact information and have your doctor or other medical practitioner complete side B authorizing the permit. Organization applications are also available.

Your medical practitioner will indicate on the form whether you have a permanent or temporary disability. If they believe the condition likely to improve they will issue a Temporary Disability Permit for 6 monthhs or a year. If they believe the condition is permanent they will issue a Permanent Disability Parking Permit which is valid for 3 years.

Once you have completed this step you may choose to

  • Bring the completed application together with the fee to NDRC or have someone bring them in for you. The permit will be issued within 15 minutes or
  • Mail the completed application and payment information to NDRC. We will process it and mail it out within two business days.

Renewing Your Parking Permit

All permits expire on the last day of the given month. This is punched and written on your card at the time  NDRC will mail or email you a renewal notice at the beginning of the month your permit expires in.

Permanent Disability Permits

Please sign the renewal letter and return it to us with the renewal fee. A doctor’s authorization is not required for renewal.

You can also renew your permanent disability parking permit with a credit card by phone at 250-758-5547

Temporary Parking Permits

If you require the use of a parking permit beyond the expiry date, you must take the renewal letter to your medical professional for a new authorization. Return the completed renewal letter with the fee to NDRC.

Print Parking Permit Application Forms


There is a processing fee for both permanent and temporary accessibility parking permits.
As of October 1st, 2023 they are $31 (walk-in) and $33 (mail-out).
The processing fee goes towards keeping our non-profit organization operational.
Payment methods available depend on how you apply:


  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Credit card
  • Etransfer
  • Cheque

By Mail

By Phone

  • Cheque
  • Credit card
  • Etransfer.
  • Credit card
  • Etransfer