Supporting People with Disabilities Since 1990

Program: Information and Resource Referral

Program Administrator: Allison Frame

Volunteer Coordinator

Assist our Information and Resource Referral Program with organizing our brochure wall and answering questions

Information and Resource Referral Program (IRRP)

Program Administrator: Allison Frame

What does IRRP do?

Applying for Disability

One of the main things our IRRP team helps with is applying for Disability Assistance.

Applying for disability is a long, complicated process and can be overwhelming for anyone. This is especially true for those with cognitive, mental, or developmental disabilities.

Our IRRP team is trained on the differences between CPPD and PWD, which one is best for you, and how the application processes work.

Additional Applications

In addition to Disability we can help with applying for:
  • pensions/OAS/GIS
  • BC Housing
  • The SAFER Program

Information, Resources, Referral

We help persons with disabilities and their caregivers by providing information on services available federally, provincially, and regionally.

If you walk into our office on Departure Bay Road, we have a wall full of pamphlets, brochures and help sheets. If you are unable to find the answers, or need help navigating the overwhelming amount of items, you can ask front desk and they will either be able to point you in the right direction or leave a message for the IRRP team to get back to you. Some questions do not have an immediate answer but we work hard to find any available soloutions.

Check back soon to read through our Frequently Asked Questions.